Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Natural Dyed Skeins Part Deux

Natural Dyeing

These are the offerings from the Pure Tinctoria Dyes I mentioned a couple of blogs ago...

Left to right...

Thar G Cutch Waste:  Grey, olive green and turquoise. This dye is extracted from the waste of the first extraction from cutch.  Cutch is extracted from the stem and bark of the Cutch or Katha tree (Acacia Cutechu)1
(left Saddened with Iron) the Right Alum and COT mordanted)
Desert V - Chaste Tree: This dye is extracted from the chasteberry tree (Vitex agnus castus) found throughout Europe and Central Asia.  Another plant that has numerous medicinal properties1
(left Saddened with Iron) the Right Alum and COT mordanted)
Amber L - Lodhra bark:
(left Saddened with Iron) the Right Alum and COT mordanted)
Ambrosia - Marigold: This dye is extracted from the African marigold (Tagetese erecta) and is larger than it's European cousins, the French marigold1.
(left Saddened with Iron) the Right Alum and COT mordanted)
(Note1: text taken from the Pure Tinctoria Website)

Natural Dyeing

These are the colours again, in a slightly different order, and with the fibre... I particularly like the second one in - which is Lodhra bark.

Now, I am assuming that I have my colours identified correctly here, I had dutifully written everything out on a peg, dutifully attached to each coloured yarn, as you can see in the first picture if you squint, but because it was raining when B got it in last night, he forgot to bring in the pegs as well... aaah...

I did like these dyes, but they weren't quite as user friendly as the first ones.  I struggle with unwrapping these tiddly plastic bags with gloves on, and I did end up with a fair amount over the surfaces, which I hadn't with the first lot.  There was also the smell, that even the dog was not impressed with.  That said, they were good value for money, but I did have to be organised regarding the mordant, making sure I had enough, so it required another thinking stage. 

So what am I doing now? 

Natural Dyeing

This is the pack I started with either last spring, or it could even have been the year before !! I ordered them from Fiery Felts after they were reviewed in The Journal.  When they plopped through the door, whilst I was pleased with the packaging and value for money, the doom and gloom came flooding back about the amount of preparation and forward planning needed.

Even to do something as simple as soak the madder, I needed to find a sieve with which to wash it first.  So on Monday I read through all the instructions, armed with the confidence of my initial forays into dyeing, worked out what I needed to get going on this project, and madder is now soaking for its first 24 hours. 

I can't stress enough, it is not the kit - the kit and the book are beautifully presented, excellent value and very clear and straight forward, it is purely the "Shani who doesn't like cooking" and distant recall of workshops watching the fibrey equivalent of paint drying...

So - onwards and upwards - just had another distraction, therefore had a quick browse before coming back to finish this epic (as you do...).. Sassy Spinner has featured on her blog some really stunning jewel like rovings. I particularly like the silks, but the stash pile just draws my eye....  especially on a day like to day...very inspiring.

I have scratched my head over Procion a couple of times, and put them away again until I had more time...(there is a pattern forming here, can't you tell?)

Now where did I put them? 

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